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endosperm - endosperm;
endosperm - Nutritive tissue surrounding and nourishing the embryo in seed plants, (1) In flowering plants (Angiospermae) formed in embryo sac by division of endosperm nucleus after fertilization. In some seeds (non-endospermic or exalbuminous), endosperm is entirely absorbed by embryo by the time the seed is fully developed, e.g. pea and bean seeds; in other seeds (endospermic or albuminous), part of the endosperm remains and is not absorbed until the seed germinates, e.g. wheat, castor oil. (2) Also applied to tissue of female gametophyte in conifers and related plants (Gymnospermae) which is formed by cell division within embryo sac before fertilization, outer layers persisting in seed. Compare with: Perisperm.

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