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equisetales - equisetales;
equisetales - Horsetails. Order of Pteridophyta with fossil record extending back to Palaeozoic. Attained their highest development in Carboniferous and included tree-like forms, e.g. Catamites. Now represented by single genus Equisetwn. Perennial, herbaceous plants with rhizome sending up erect, grooved stems bearing at nodes whorls of rudimentary scale-leaves. Stem unbranched or bearing whorls of slender branches in axils of scale-leaves. Stem green, photosynthetic. Sporophylls compacted into distinct cones arising from cone axis at right angles and bearing several sporangia on under surface of terminal shield-shaped expansion. Homo-sporous, prothalli monoecious or dioecious depending on environmental conditions.

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