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euglenophyta - euglenophyta;
euglenophyta - Division of algae. Possess chlorophylls a and b, $beta;-carotene, xanthophylls, and store reserve food as polysaccharide paramylum and fat. Not completely autotrophic, requiring vitamin b12. Colourless, nonphotosynthetic forms occur; and change to this form can be induced but is irreversible. Unicellular, naked (without rigid cell wall), motile, one to three flagella per cell projecting from base of gullet at anterior end. Possess contractile vacuoles. Related to (link with) protozoa, and classified in class Flagellata by Zoologists. Asexual reproduction by cell division. Sexual reproduction rare, by copulation of individual cells. Mostly inhabiting fresh water, often abundant in water polluted by excretion.

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