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floral formula - An expression summarizing the information in a floral diagram. The floral formula of buttercup, K5C5AG, indicates a flower with a calyx (K) of five free sepals, corolla (G) of five free petals, androecium (A) of an indefinite number of stamens and a gynoecium (G) of an indefinite number of free carpels. The line below the number of carpels indicates that the gynoecium is superior. The floral formula of the campanula, K5C(5)A5G(5), shows that the flower has five free sepals, five petals united () to form a gamopetalous corolla, five stamens, and five carpels united () to form a syncarpous gynoecium. The line above (below in our version) the carpel number indicates that the gynoecium is inferior.

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