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flower - flower
flower - Specialized reproductive shoot, consisting of an axis (receptacle), on which are inserted four different sorts of organs. Outermost sepals, usually green, leaf-like, in the bud stage enclosing and protecting the other flower parts, and collectively known as the calyx. Within the sepals are the petals, usually conspicuous, brightly coloured parts, collectively known as the corolla. Calyx and corolla together constitute the perianth; they are not directly concerned in reproduction and are often referred to as accessory flower parts. Within the petals are the stamens (mwrosporophylls), each consisting of a filament (stalk) bearing an anther, in which pollen grains (microspores) are produced. In the centre of the flower is the gynoeciwn, comprising one or more carpels (megasporophylls), each consisting of an ovary, a terminal prolongation the style, bearing the stigma, receptive surface for pollen grains. The ovary contains a varying number of ovules which after fertilization develop into seeds. Stamens and carpels are together known as essential flower parts since they alone are concerned in reproduction.

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