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fovea - fovea
fovea - Shallow pit in retina of some vertebrates, which is place of greatest acuity of vision. Contains no rods, but very numerous cones; and there are no blood-vessels, and no thick layer of nerve fibres, interposed between cones and incoming light, as in rest of retina. Occurs in diurnal birds and lizards, and in primates including man. An area of relatively acute vision, or macula, without a fovea, is found in many vertebrates (area containing yellow pigment surrounding fovea of man and some primates is maada lutea). In binocular vision the two eye-balls are orientated so that image of one object falls on both their foveae (or maculae); this object is looked at5, i.e. it has predominant part in visual stimulation of the animal. Many vertebrates without binocular vision also similarly £look at' objects with fovea or macula of one eye.

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