graafian follicle

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graafian follicle - graafian follicle;
graafian follicle - Fluid-filled spherical vesicle in mammalian ovary containing an oocyte attached to its wall. Differs from ovarian follicle of other vertebrates in presence of cavity. Cavity first appears towards end of period of cytoplasmic growth of oocyte, amongst the follicle cells which closely surround oocyte. Cavity enlarges during early part of oestrous cycle of those mammals which have such a cycle, separating follicle cells into an external layer and a layer adherent to oocyte. Enlargement continues until follicle bursts on to surface of ovary, discharging the oocyte (ovulation). A considerable number of follicles which grow during the first part of an oestrous cycle never ovulate, but degenerate. Growth of follicles is under influence of pituitary gland. See also: Follicle-Stimulating Hormone. Follicle cells are probably mainly responsible for oestrogen-production of ovary. After ovulation follicle becomes corpus luteum in most mammals.

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