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heterotrophig - heterotrophig;
heterotrophig - (Of an organism) requiring a supply of organic material (food) from its environment. All animals and fungi, most bacteria and a few flowering plants are strongly heterotrophic, requiring organic food substances from which to make most of their own organic constituents. As herbivores, carnivores, saprophytes, or parasites they obtain this food from other organisms, living or dead. Ultimately almost all their organic material can be traced back to the synthetic activity of autotrophic organisms. Heterotrophic organisms commonly obtain their energy requirements also from organic food, i.e. they are chemotrophic; but a few (particularly flagellates) are phototrophic. heterozygous. Having two different allelomorphs in the two corresponding loci of a pair of chromosomes. Compare with: Homozygous. A heterozygous organism is a heterozygote for the locus in question; and with respect to that locus it produces two different kinds of gametes. Its phenotype is frequently identical with that of one of the two allelomorphs in the homozygous state (See also: Dominant); but it may be more or less intermediate between those of the two homozygotes.

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