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hip-girdle - hip-girdle (pelvic girdle);
hip-girdle - Skeletal support, situated in body-wall, for attachment of hind fins or limbs of Vertebrata. In fish consists fundamentally of a curved bar of bone or cartilage, situated transversely to long axis of body, one on each side in ventral region; the two bars usually fusing mid-ventrally to form a half-loop. At middle of the length of each bar is joint with the fin. Region dorsal to joint is ilium, region ventral is ischio-pubis. In tetrapods, except the earliest Amphibia, ischio-pubis forms two bones, an anterior pubis and posterior ischium; and the ilium, which extends much further dorsally than in fish, unites with one or more sacral vertebrae (compare shoulder girdle), forming a complete girdle round body in this region and giving rigid support to hind-limbs for locomotion (unnecessary in fish, which are propelled by tail). See also: Acetabulum, Innominate Bone.

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