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hominid - hominid;
hominid - Man (Homo) and man-like fossils, e.g. Pithecanthropus. These together make up the family Hominidae (order Primates). homo. Genus of catarrhine primates whose only living representative is man (Homo sapiens); but it contains several extinct species, e.g. Neanderthal man. H. sapiens is distinguished anatomically from living catarrhines by large brain (about 1500 ml.); absence of brow ridges; chin prominence; teeth in each jaw arranged in a smooth curve, with small canines; foot very different from hand, with reduced toes, big-toe not opposable to others. Distinguished in behaviour by walking upright or almost so, by using tools with hands, by speech, and by the cultural tradition derived therefrom. Extinct species possess some of these characters in nearly human degree, while other characters are ape-like. See also: Pithecanthropus.

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