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inhibition - inhibition
inhibition - (Nervous). Prevention, as a result of the influence of nerve impulses, of activation of an effector. May occur in central nervous system: e.g. when a muscle is stimulated by its motor nerve-fibres to contract, the tonus of antagonistic muscles is simultaneously relaxed by inhibition of their motor nerve-cells (reciprocal inhibition); or a reflex can be inhibited by stimulating both the sensory nerve-fibres of the reflex and certain other sensory nerve-fibres at the same time. Such central inhibition is one of the most important ways in which the central nervous system produces its flexible control of activities, by preventing action of effectors in unsuitable circumstances. In Crustacea peripheral inhibition occurs, special inhibitory nerve-fibres as well as excitatory ones running to the muscles. Similar peripheral inhibition occurs in autonomic system of vertebrates, e.g. vagus nerve inhibits heart beat, sympathetic stimulates it.

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