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intercellular - intercellular
intercellular - Between the cells. I. bridges (plasmodesmata in plants), cytoplasmic connections between cells present in some plant and animal tissues. I. fluid (interstitial fluid, tissue fluid), fluid between tissue cells of animals, bathing the plasma-membranes (to be distinguished from blood; See also: Internal environment). I. material, is chiefly skeletal, e.g. in animals, material external to the plasma membranes, such as reticulin, collagen, elastin, bone salts, matrix of cartilage and connective tissue; in plants the middle lamella, composed of pectic compounds, is intercellular material binding together adjacent cells (cellulose also may be regarded as equivalent to the intercellular material of animals, but is considered as part of the plant cell). I. spaces, in plants air-filled cavities between walls of neighbouring cells, e.g. in cortex and pith, forming internal aerating system; spaces may be large, rendering tissue light and spongy as in aerenchyma. In animals filled with intercellular fluid.

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