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intestine - intestine;
intestine - Alimentary canal between stomach and anus or cloaca. In vertebrates practically all absorption of products of digestion occurs in intestine, and a great deal of digestion; and undigested residue is converted there to faeces. Frequently coiled, so that much longer than body (about 8 metres long in man). Internal surface usually increased by folds and projections (See also: Spiral valve, Villus). Lined by simple epithelium, containing mucus-secreting glands; its anterior part has digestive enzyme-secreting glands and special absorptive powers. Smooth muscle in walls churns up contents and gradually passes them towards anus. Anterior part receives ducts of large digestive glands, liver and pancreas. Usually anterior part is of smaller diameter than posterior, in which faeces are stored; and in amniotes there is a clear division into small intestine and large intestine, with a valve and often a caecum at their junction. Small intestine is concerned with digestion, and absorption of the products into blood and lymph capillaries (See also: lacteals) in the wall. Large intestine is mainly concerned with preparation of faeces by removal of water, valuable on dry land. Small and large intestines of amniotes are not always homologous with those of anamniotes.

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