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mitochondria - mitochondria (chondriosomes);
mitochondria - Microscopic bodies occurring in cytoplasm of every cell in varying numbers (up to 2500 per cell in rat liver) except in bacteria and blue-green algae. Most are granular, rod, or thread-shaped, about 0.5 micrometre in width or diameter; thread-like forms up to 10 micrometres or more long. Stain specifically in living cell with Janus Green (due to presence of cytochrome oxidase system which keeps dyes in oxidized (coloured) form. Bounded on outside by double membrane ('unit membrane'); within is a dense matrix. Inner component of the double membrane is folded inwards at a number of places so as to project into the matrix as lamellae termed cristae (crests), which are covered by so-called elementary particles containing components of oxidative enzyme systems. Cristae vary in number, may be branched, tubular rather than lamellate, and may be arranged parallel with long axis of mitochondrion, not, as is usual, at right-angles. Mode of mitochrondrial multiplication not yet resolved; possibly by division. Contain DNA and many oxidative enzyme systems; comprise power plant of cell, producing energy (in form of ATP) for many cell functions. Plastids of green plants are possibly related to mitochondria.

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