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mosaic - mosaic;
mosaic - (1) (Bot.). Symptom of many virus diseases of plants, a patchy variation of normal green colour. (2) (Genetics). Synonym of chimaera. Animals of this kind (i.e. a mixture of cells of different genetic composition), such as gynandromorphs, are more usually called mosaics, plants usually chimaeras. (3) (Zool.). Mosaic development'; development when determination is complete but before functional differentiation starts, each region of the embryo differentiating almost independently of influence from other regions. Little regulation can occur. Time of onset of mosaic development varies much. In vertebrates does not start till after gastrulation; in many invertebrates (e.g. groups with spiral cleavage) zygotes or early cleavage stages show mosaic development, and hence are known as mosaic eggs.

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