mullerian duct

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mullerian duct - mullerian duct
mullerian duct - Oviduct of female gnathostome vertebrate. A pair in most species, only one in birds. A tube, at one end opening into coelom by a ciliated funnel, at other end joining cloaca (or, with urethra, joining remnant of cloaca in placental mammals). Muscular and ciliary movements pass eggs down the tube; and where fertilization is internal, pass sperm up it In marsupial and placental mammals it is differentiated into fallopian tube, uterus, and vagina. In all placentals the posterior parts of the pair of ducts fuse, so that there is a single median vagina, and often, as in humans, a single median uterus. The duct has no representative, or only a vestige, in males. Embryonically arises from mesothelium of coelom in close association with Wolffian duct; it is therefore mesodermal.

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