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myxomycophyta - myxomycophyta
myxomycophyta - Slime moulds. Group (Division) of very simple organisms with both plant and animal characteristics. Taxonomic position uncertain; in past have been grouped with fungi (in Myxomycetes) and with Protozoa (in Mycetozoa). In the vegetative condition members of the largest group (Class Myxomycetes) consist of naked, multinucleate masses of protoplasm known as plasmodia. These show amoeboid movement and ingest food (animal characteristics). They reproduce by spores, shown in some genera to have cellulose walls, formed within sporangia (a plant characteristic). Meiosis is presumed to occur before spore formation. The spores germinate to form one or more myxamoebae, or biflagellate swarm cells which may either behave as gametes and copulate in pairs soon after their formation, or may first lose their flagella, undergo a series of divisions and then copulate. Growth of the zygote results in formation of a plasmodium. Plasmodia may also be formed by coalescence of many zygotes or small plas-modia. Widely distributed, occurring under damp conditions on decaying vegetable matter. One of the commonest species, Fuligo septica (flowers of tan), forms yellow plasmodia up to eight inches in diameter and frequently occurs on tanner's bark. The group includes Acrasiales and Labyrinthulales.

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