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nerve-cell - (1) Cell of nervous tissue which conducts the impulses by which the nervous systemfunctions. Each has a nucleus surrounded by a mass of cytoplasm, constituting the cell-body or perikaryon; and projecting from this, thread-like processes, very various in length and number, which carry the impulses from place to place. A commonly occurring arrangement of these processes is a single long axon which carries impulses away from the cell-body to other nerve-cells or to effectors; and numerous short dendrites which receive impulses from the axons of other nerve-cells. Transfer of impulses from nerve-cell to nerve-cell takes place at synapses. Central nervous system of all animals contains very numerous nerve cells. Some are entirely confined within it, forming an elaborate interconnecting system. Others are only partly within it, their thread-like processes running out of it to all parts of the body, some to effectors (motor nerve fibres), some to receptors (sensory nerve fibres). Other nerve cells are situated mainly or wholly outside the central nervous system, e.g. those in nerve nets or sensory nerve cells. (2) Term is sometimes used synonymously with cell-body.

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