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nerve-net - nerve-net;
nerve-net - Network of nerve-cells, diffusely distributed through tissues, which in some phyla (e.g. Goelenterata, Echinodermata) makes up all or most of the nervous system, though usually associated with some concentration of the cells into major strands providing through ways for conduction. In phyla with well-developed central nervous systems (e.g. Arthropoda, Vertebrata, Cephalopoda) a nerve-net may hardly exist (usually only in gut wall). Consists of separate nerve-cells communicating with each other by contact only (synapses). Conduction in a nerve-net is slow and often in all directions. In Coelenterata a strong stimulus, eliciting more impulses, has a more extensive effect than a weak one, because impulses are used up in producing summation at the synapses; not, as previously thought, because of any fading of impulses within the nerve-fibres.

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