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neural - neural
neural - Concerned with the nervous system. N. arch, a bony arch resting on centrum of each vertebra, forming tunnel (N. canal) through which spinal cord runs. JV. crest, embryonic material of vertebrates, found initially at both sides of the neural plate as this rolls up and sinks beneath epidermis; gives rise to extraordinary variety of tissues, probably including dorsal root ganglia, Schwann cells, sympathetic ganglia, melanophores, cartilage of visceral arches. TV. fold, raised ridge of neural plate, neural crest, and epidermis along edge of neural plate, beginning the formation of neural tube. JV. plate, flat expanse of neural tissue, first-formed embryonic rudiment of nervous system of vertebrate. See also: Organizer. JV. spine, median dorsal bony projection from neural arch, serving usually as muscle attachment. JV". tissue, embryonic nervous tissue, in vertebrates a simple epithelium of columnar cells which only later differentiate into glia and nerve cells. N. tube, longitudinal tube of neural tissue in vertebrate embryos, formed by rolling up of neural plate until the neural folds join in the mid-dorsal line to form a tube and the epidermis fuses above; expanded in front as the rudiment of the brain, the narrower posterior part being that of spinal cord; forms central nervous system, and motor nerve fibres of peripheral nervous system.

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