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phaeophyta - phaeophyta;
phaeophyta - Brown algae (seaweeds). Division of algae. Brown to olive-green in colour. Possess chlorophylls a and c, α-, β-carotene and xanthophylls, including brown pigment fucoxanthin which masks other pigments. Main food reserve is polysaccharide laminarin. Cell wall of two layers, inner of cellulose, outer of mucilaginous pectic material. Very diverse in form, ranging from minute (less than 1 mm long), filamentous, to very long and complex, differentiated into a disc or root-like basal attachment part, and a stem-like part of varying lengths, bearing a branched or unbranched, ribbon or leaf-like part, often provided with air bladders, e.g. bladder wrack; up to 60-70 metres in length in largest forms with relatively complex internal structure. Asexual reproduction by fragmentation of thallus or by mostly laterally biflagellate zoospores. Sexual reproduction isogamous, gametes motile or anisogamous, by fusion of small, motile, male gamete with arge, non-motile egg. Marine (with rare exceptions), usually abundant in cold water. Benthic, common inhabitants of inter-tidai zone. A species of Sargassum is exceptional in being pelagic, accumulating in large quantities in the Sargasso sea near the West Indies.

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