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pronephros - pronephros;
pronephros - The first part of kidney of vertebrates to arise in embryonic development. It appears at border of somites and lateral plate, just behind heart, as a number (varying according to species) of nephrons segmentally arranged (i.e. one per somite). Commonly the nephrons communicate with the coelom, and they join a tube (pronephric duct) which grows back from their neighbourhood to the cloaca, putting coelom into communication with exterior (See also: Coelomoduct). It is the functional kidney of larvae of anmniotes (e.g. tadpole); but small and non-functional in those without larvae (e.g. elasmobranchs) and vestigial in amniotes. Its duct becomes Wolffian duct. See also: Mesonephros, Metanephros.

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