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raunkiaer's life forms - raunkiaer's life forms;
raunkiaer's life forms - System of classification of vegetation based on position of perennating buds in relation to soil level. Indicates how plants pass the unfavourable season of their annual cycle. The following classes are recognized. Phanerophytes: woody plants with perennating buds borne more than 25 cm above soil level. Includes trees and many shrubs. Taller trees, more than 8 m. high are Mega- and Meso-phanerophytes; trees and shrubs between 2 and 8 m. are Microphanerophytes, and shrubs between 25 cm. and 2 m. are Nanophanerophytes. Chamaeophytesi woody or herbaceous plants with perennating buds above soil level but below 25 cm. Hemicryptophytes: herbs with perennating buds at soil level, protected by soil itself, or by dry, dead portions of the plant. Geophytes: herbs with perennating buds below soil surface. Helophytes: herbs with perennating buds lying in mud. Hydrophytes: herbs with perennating buds lying in water. Therophytes: herbs which survive the unfavourable season as seeds.

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