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receptacle - receptacle;
receptacle - (1) (Thdamus, Torus) Apex of flower-stalk bearing flower parts (perianth, stamens, carpels); axis of flower. Variously shaped in different flowers, conical to concave, and according to its form the gynoecium may be superior or inferior and the flower hypogynous, perigynous, or epigynous. When the carpels are at apex of a conical receptacle and other flower parts inserted in turn below level of carpels the gynoecium is superior and the flower hypogynous, e.g. buttercup. When carpels are at apex (centre) of a concave receptacle with other flower parts borne around its margin, the gynoecium is superior and the flower perigynousy e.g. bramble, rose. When receptacle completely encloses carpels and other flower parts arise from receptacle above, the gynoecium is inferior and the flower epigynous, e.g. apple, dandelion. In this condition the carpel walls are intimately fused with wall of the receptacle. (2) Also used to describe the shortened axis of the inflorescence (capitulum) in Compositae.

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