red blood cells or corpuscles

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red blood cells or corpuscles - RED BLOOD CELLS OR CORPUSCLES (ERYTHROCYTES);
red blood cells or corpuscles - Cells of vertebrate blood, containing haemoglobin. Carry nearly all the oxygen contained in the blood. Smooth-surfaced, flattened discs, round in cyclostomes and most mammals, oval in other vertebrates. Easily distorted but elastic. Incapable of movement on their own. In mammals have no nuclei, except in embryo. In other vertebrates the nucleus does not synthesize RNA. An individual Red Blood Cells has a relatively short life (average about four months in man) and Red Blood Cells are formed (in myeloid tissue of bone marrow) and perish (the remains being taken up by reticulo-endothelial system) continuously in enormous numbers (over a million a second in man). In man each is a circular biconcave disc, eight micrometres in diameter after fixation, and there are roughly five million per cubic millimetre of blood. See also: Reticulocyte.

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