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respiratory pigment - respiratory pigment;
respiratory pigment - Substance which combines reversibly with oxygen, thus acting as a carrier or store of it. E.g. haemoglobin of human blood becomes loaded with oxygen in the lungs, where it comes into equilibrium with air; and it gives up this oxygen when it comes into contact with tissues having a low oxygen pressure. Respiratory pigments change colour according to the degree of oxygenation (e.g. haemoglobin is scarlet oxygenated, purple deoxygenated) and many have characteristic absorption spectra; these properties have facilitated their investigation. Respiratory pigments are frequently present in blood, either in plasma (haemocyanin, chlorocruorin, haemoglobin of several invertebrates) or in blood corpuscles (haemoglobin of vertebrates; a few other pigments of invertebrates).

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