salivary gland chromosomes

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salivary gland chromosomes - SALIVARY GLAND CHROMOSOMES (SALIVARIES);
salivary gland chromosomes - Giant chromosomes occurring in salivary glands (and some other tissues) of dipterous insects (including Drosophila). Nuclei of these tissues have their chromosomes microscopically visible, unlike normal resting nuclei. Each pair of homologous chromosomes is closely adherent together (paired). The chromosomes are stretched out to a much greater length than usual (up to i mm.) and greatly thickened by repeated duplication, i.e. they are polythene. They are marked by an elaborate pattern of transverse basophilic bands, formed by homologous regions of the numerous chromosome strands lying side by side. The pattern is due to the arrangement of the genes along the chromosomes. From genetic differences associated with changes in the pattern, numerous genes have been localized. See also: Chromosome Map.

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