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sclerenchyma - sclerenchyma;
sclerenchyma - Tissue giving mechanical support to plants. Cells thick walled, usually lignified, inelastic, sometimes consisting of cellulose, often so thick as to leave only a very small lumen; usually without living protoplasm at maturity. Two types of cell occur in sclerenchyma, fibres and stone-cells (sclereids). Fibres are very elongated cells with tapering ends, occurring singly or variously grouped into strands. They are extracted from such plants as flax (cellulose fibres) and hemp (lignified fibres) and used in manufacture of rope, linen, paper, etc. Stone cells are usually not much longer than they are broad, occurring singly or in groups; common in fruits, e.g. pear, nuts, and in seed coats. Compare with: Collenchyma.

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