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sex linkage - sex linkage;
sex linkage - Of a gene or character, having special distribution with reference to sex as a result of (in the case of a gene) being carried on the X-chromosome or (in the case of a character) controlled by a gene so carried. A man, for instance, receives his X-chromosome and therefore all his sex-linked genes from his mother; and he hands them on to his daughters (who also get an X-chromosome from their mother), not to his sons. Since in a man there is no partner to the X-chromosome, recessive genes on it cannot be masked by a dominant allelomorph, so that men manifest a larger number of recessive genes (like those for haemophilia or red-green colour-blindness) than women; and conversely a smaller number of dominant genes. What is true for men is true for the heterogametic sex of any organism. Sex-linkage must be distinguished from sex-limitation. Both sexes manifest a full set of sex-linked genes; but the homogametic sex, unlike the heterogametic sex, will only manifest a recessive gene if it has received it from both parents, which will be a rare event if the gene is uncommon in the population.

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