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striped muscle - striped (striated, skeletal, voluntary) muscle;
striped muscle - Contractile tissue consisting (in vertebrates) of large elongated cells (muscle-fibres) with many nuclei, the cytoplasm of which bears conspicuous striations at right-angles to long axis. Cytoplasm contains numerous longitudinal fibrils (myofibrils), each having alternating bands of different composition; the cross-striations of the whole muscle fibre are the result of similar bands of the fibrils lying side by side. A muscle fibre, on stimulation by its nerve, or (artificially) by direct action of electrical or mechanical stimuli, contracts by shortening and thickening. See also: Actin, Myosin. Muscle fibres are bound together into muscular tissue by connective tissue fibres. Muscles made of striped fibres undergo very rapid contraction and are particularly concerned with locomotion, by moving skeletal parts to which they are usually attached, in vertebrates, insects and members of some other groups. Compare with: Cardiac Muscle, Smooth Muscle.

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