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turgor - turgor;
turgor - State of cell in which the cell-wall is rigid, stretched by increase in volume of vacuole and protoplasm during absorption of water. The cell is described as turgid. Essential feature of mechanical support of plant tissues, loss of turgor (when water loss exceeds water absorption) being followed by wilting; and aids expansion of young cells in growth. Within a fully turgid plant cell osmotic pressure tending to force water into cell is balanced by hydrostatic pressure (turgor pressure) within the cell against its wall. When water is lost from cell, turgor pressure is reduced and more water enters by osmosis until turgidity is restored. Other illustrations of effects of alteration of turgidity include opening and closing of guard cells of stomata and sudden seismonastic drooping of leaves in the sensitive plant Mimosa pudica. Turgor pressure is also involved in mass flow hypothesis of transport in phloem.

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