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uterus - uterus;
uterus - Womb. Muscular expansion of Miillerian duct of female mammals (excluding monotremes) in which the embryo develops. Usually paired, one connected with each Fallopian tube; but may, as in man, be single through fusion of lower part of Mulleriari ducts in the embryo. Connected by vagina to exterior. Has glandular lining membrane (endometrium; decidua) which nourishes early embryo; and smooth muscle in its wall, which greatly increases in amount during pregnancy and whose contraction ultimately expels embryos and their placentae. Under control of sex hormones, it varies much in structure, enlarging at sexual maturity or in breeding season, diminishing during sexual inactivity; and in many mammals fluctuating in structure with oestrous cycle. See also: Cervix, Placenta.

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