visceral arches

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visceral arches - visceral arches;
visceral arches - (1) The series of partitions on each side of pharynx between adjacent gill-slits, or between mouth and first gill-slit (spiracle) in fish; or between the corresponding gill-pouches or gill-slits of tetrapod embryos. (2) The skeletal bars (cartilage or bone) lying in these partitions in fish. The bars of each side meet the corresponding bars of the opposite side mid-ventrally, so that together they form a series of inverted arches beneath mouth and throat. The first ('mandibular') arch becomes the primitive jaw skeleton (palatoquadrate and MeckePs cartilage); the second ('hyoid') arch, behind the spiracle, is usually concerned in attachment of jaws to skull; and the remainder ('branchial arches') lie each behind a functional gill-slit.

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