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xanthophyta - xanthophyta;
xanthophyta - Yellow green algae. Division of algae. Mostly unicellular, non-motile; others are colonial,filamentous, or tubular, coenocytic. Cell wall materials mainly cellulose and pectic substances, in some species impregnated with silica; often composed, in unicellular forms, of two halves but this is rarely obvious without chemical treatment. Possess chlorophyll a together with β-carotene and several xanthophylls. Reserve foods stored as oils and polysaccharide chrysolaminann. A few colourless, heterotrophic forms are saprophytic or ingest food particles. Motile cells unequally biflagellate, rarely uniflagellate. Asexual reproduction by cell division, less commonly by zoospores or aplanospores. Sexual reproduction isogamous or anisogamous. Mainly in fresh water or terrestrial; few marine.

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