abbe defined in 1939 year

abbe - Abbe (Aramaic abba, father);
abbe - French ecclesiastical term. Formerly signifying the abbot of a monastery, it is loosely applied to French clerics, particularly to cassocked theological students and unbeneficed ecclesiastics.

abbe defined in 1939 year

abbe - Abbe (cleveland (1838-1916));
abbe - American meteorologist. Born in New York, Dec. 3, 1838, he completed his education at Harvard, and in 1864 entered an observatory in Russia. In 1867 he returned to the U.S.A., and was appointed, in 1871, director of the weather bureau at Washington. During a busy life Abbe established a system of daily weather forecasts, worked for the introduction of standard time, led expeditions to view solar eclipses, founded and edited The Monthly Weather Review, and lectured and wrote on meteorology and kindred subjects. He died Oct. 28, 1916.

abbe defined in 1939 year

abbe - Abbe (ernst (1840-1905));
abbe - German scientist. Born at Eisenach, Jan. 23, 1840, he became a professor at Jena University and director of the observatory. In 1866 he became associated with Carl Zeiss, and by 1888 was sole owner of the Zeiss optical works, the development of which owed much to his researches and organizing skill. He invented the Abbe refractometer. He died at Jena, Jan. 14, 1905.

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