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abbeville - Abbeville;
abbeville - Town of N. Prance, in the department of Somme. On the river Somme, partly on an island, it is 28 m. by rly. N.W. of Amiens, and is connected with the English Channel by a canal. Its chief industries are the manufacture of cloth, carpets, hemp goods, and sugar, and it has shipbuilding yards and trades in grain. It was the scene in 1514 of the marriage of Louis XII of France to Mary, sister of Henry VIII of England, and in 1527 of the signing of a treaty between England and France. The cathedral of S.Vulfran, dating partly from the 15th century, had a fine facade, but the building was gutted in 1940. The hotel de ville and the museum were also destroyed. Pop. 20,373.

Throughout the First Great War the town was an important base for the British Expeditionary Force. In the Second Great War it was heavily bombed from the air by the Germans before their forces occupied the area, May 20-23,1940. French troops recaptured the western part on May 31, but it was again lost in the new German offensive of June 5. The Canadian 2nd Army and the Polish Armoured Division played a leading part in the liberation of Abbeville in 1944 when the Canadians entered the town on Sept. 3.

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