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abbot george - Abbot george (1562-1633);
abbot george - Archbishop of Canterbury. Born at Guildford in Oct., 1562, the son of a cloth-worker, he was educated at Guildford Grammar School and at Oxford, where lie was thrice vice-chancellor. In 1609 he was appointed bishop of Coventry and Lichneid, in 1610 bishop of London, and in 1611 archbishop of Canterbury In 1621, while hunting, he accidentally killed a keeper, and an inquiry was instituted into the conduct of a prelate who had committed in-voluntary homicide while engaged in so unclerical a pursuit. The inquiry fell to the ground, but left Abbot under a cloud He died at Croydon in Aug., 1633 Abbot was a pronounced puritan, and as such the prosecutor of both Roman Catholics and Nonconformist Protestants.

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