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abbot of unreason - Abbot of Unreason (lord of misrule);
abbot of unreason - Name given to the master of the revels in medieval times. He was chosen by election at times of festivity, particularly Christmas. At Oxford, Cambridge, the Inner Temple, and Gray's Inn he had charge of the Christmas revels, arranged the Latin playsf and acted as master of the ceremonies. His counterpart in certain French towns was called the Abbe de Liesse. Other names for an official with like authority were Abbas Stultorum,or Abbot of Fools, Abbe de la Malgouveme. and, in Scotland, Master of Unreason At certain festive seasons the ordinary rules of life were relaxed and, under the direction of a master,a condition of misrule, unreason, folly, topsy turvydom, prevailed.

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