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N.Nationalist; Norse; North.
n.Name; natus (Latin), born; nephew or niece; neuter; noon; noun.
n/aNo account; no advice.
Nan.Book of Nahum.
Nat.Natal (Province); national; Nationalist; natural.
N.B.New Brunswick; North Britain (Scotland) (obsolete term); nota bene (Latin), note well.
n.b.No ball(-s) (cricket).
N.C.North Carolina.
n.d.No date.
N. D(ak).North Dakota.
N.D.C.National Defence Contribution.
N.D.L.Norddeutscher Lloyd (German shipping company).
N.E.New edition; New England; no effects; North-East.
N.E.D.New English Dictionary.
Neb.Book of Nehemiah.
N.E.I.Netherlands East Indies.
n.e.i.Non est inventus (Latin), it has not been found; not elsewhere indicated.
nem. con.Nemine contradicente (Latin), nobody opposing.
nem. dis.Nemine dissentiente (Latin), nobody dissenting.
N.F.Newfoundland; Norman French.
N.G.New Guinea; no good.
N.Gr.New Greek.
N.H.New Hampshire.
N.H.I.National health insurance.
N.H.R.National Hunt rules.
N.I.Northern Ireland.
ni. pri.Nisi prius (Latin) unless formerly.
N.I.R.A.National Industria Recovery Act.
N.J.New Jersey.
N.M.Nautical mile(-s); New Mexico.
N.O.Natural order (botany).
no(-s).Numero(-s) (French). number(-s).
n.o.Not out (cricket).
nom.Nominal(-ly); nominative.
non obst.Non obstante (Latin), notwithstanding.
non pros.Non prosequitur (Latin), he does not prosecute.
non seq.Non sequitur (Latin), it does not follow.
NorvicNorvicensis (Latin), of Norwich (Bp.'s signature).
N.P.National Provincial Bank; notary public.
n.p.Net personalty; new paragraph; no place of publication given.
N.P.F.Newspaper Press Fund.
n.p. or d.No place or date.
N.P.L.National Physical Laboratory.
n.p.v.No par value.
N.R.North Riding.
N.R.A.National Recovery Administration.
N.S.New style (chronology); not on Saturdays; Nova Scotia.
n.s.Not specified.
N.S.W.New South Wales.
N.T.New Testament; new translation; North Territory (Australia); no trumps.
n.u.Name unknown.
Num., Numb.Book of Numbers.
N.V.New version; Novissima verba (Latin), latest information.
N.W.F.P.North-West Frontier Province.
N.W.I.Netherlands West Indies.
N.W.M.P.North-West Mounted Police.
N.W.P.North-West Provinces.
N.W.T.North-West Territories.
N.Y.New York (State).
N.Y.C.New York City.
n.y.d.Not yet diagnosed.
N.Y.K.Nippon Yusen Kalsha (Japan Mail Steamship Company).
n.y.p.Not yet published.
N.Z.New Zealand.

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