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abbreviations associations, institutions, titles, honours, degrees, c - Abbreviations ASSOCIATIONS, INSTITUTIONS, TITLES, HONOURS, DEGREES, c;
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C.A.Chartered Accountant; Church Army; Church Association; County Alderman; Court of Appeal.
C.A.C.Central Advisory Committee; County Agricultural Committee.
C. and D.Chemist and Druggist.
Cantab.Cantabrigiensis (Latin), member of Cambridge University.
C.B.Companion of the Order of the Bath.
C.B.C.Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
C.B.E.Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
C.B.S.Church Building Society; Columbia Broadcasting System; Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament.
C.C.Cains College; Chamber of Commerce; Chief Clerk; Circuit Court; City Council; Civil Court; County Council(-lor); County Court; Cricket Club; Crown Clerk; Cycling Club.
C.C.C.Central Criminal Court; Club Cricket Conference; Corpus Christi College; County Cricket Club.
C.C.F.Co-operative Commonwealth Federation.
C.C.J.County Court Judge.
C.C.P.Court of Common Pleas.
C.C.S.Corporation of Certified Secretaries (A., F.).
C.D.Chancery Division; Corps Diplomatique (French), diplomatic body.
C. de G.Croix de Guerre (French decoration).
C.E.Chancellor of the Exchequer.
C.E.A.P.E.Council for Education and Appreciation of Physical Environment.
C.E.M.A.Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts.
C.E.M.S.Church of England Men's Society.
C.E.T.S.Church of England Temperance Society.
C.E.Y.M.S.Church of England Young Men's Society.
C.F.Corresponding Fellow.
C.G.Commissary General; Consul General.
C.G.I.City and Guilds of London Institute (A.. F.).
C.G.T.Confederation Generate de Travail (French trade union body).
C.H.Companion of Honour; Court House; Custom House.
C.H.A.Co-operative Holidays Association.
Ch.B.Chirurgiae Baccalaureus (Latin). Bachelor of Surgery.
Ch.Ch.Christ Church, Oxford.
Ch.d'A.Charge d'Affaires (French), diplomat.
Chev.Chevalier (French).
Ch.M.Chirurgiae Magister (Latin), Master of Surgery.
Chr.C.Christ's College.
C.I.Imperial Order of the Crown of India; Institute of Commerce (A., F.).
C.I.A.Corporation of Insurance Agents (A., F.).
C.I.B.Corporation of Insurance Brokers (A., F.).
C.I.D.Committee of Imperial Defence; Criminal Investigation Department.
C.I.E.Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire.
C.I.I.Chartered Insurance Institute (A., F.).
C.I.O.Congress of Industrial Organizations.
C.I.P.A.Chartered Institute of Patent Agents.
C.I.S.Chartered Institute of Secretaries (A., F.).
C.J.Chief Justice.
C.L.Commander of the Order of Leopold.
G.L.B.Church Lads' Brigade.
C.M.B.Central Midwives Board.
C.M.C.W.Calvinistic Methodist Church of Wales.
C.M.D.Colonial Medical Department; Chirurgiae Magister Dublinensis (Latin), Master in Surgery, Dublin.
C.M.G.Commander of the Order of S. Michael and S. George.
C.M.S.Church Missionary Society; Colonial Missionary Society.
C.O.Colonial Office; Criminal Office; Crown Office.
C.O.B.S.R.A.Council of British Societies for Relief Abroad.
C.P.Clerk of the Peace; College of Preceptors (A., F., L., M.); Common Pleas; Communist Party; Court of Probate.
C.P.A.Institution of Certified Public Accountants (A., F.).
C.P.C.Clerk of the Privy Council.
C.P.R.E.Council for the Preservation of Rural England.
C.P.S.Gustos Privati Sigilli (Latin), Keeper of the Privy Seal.
C.R.Community of the Resurrection; Gustos Rotulorum (Latin), Keeper of the Rolls.
C.R.A.Corporation of Registered Accountants (A., F.).
C.R.O.Criminal Records Office.
C.S.Chemical Society (F.); Clerk of Session; Clerk to the Signet; Common Serjeant; Court of Session; Gustos Sigilli (Latin), Keeper of the Seal.
C.S.C.Civil Service Commission.
C.S.C.A.Civil Service Clerical Association.
C.S.I.Chartered Surveyors' Institution; Companion of the Star of India.
C.St.J.Companion of the Order of S. John of Jerusalem.
C.T.C.Cyclists' Touring Club.
C.U.Cambridge University.
C.V.O.Commander of the Royal Victorian Order.
C.W.Commissions and Warrants Department of the Admiralty; Common Wealth (party).
C.W.A.(Institute of) Cost and Works Accountants (A., F.).
C.W.S.Co-operative Wholesale Society.

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