abbreviations associations, institutions, titles, honours, degrees, r

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abbreviations associations, institutions, titles, honours, degrees, r - Abbreviations ASSOCIATIONS, INSTITUTIONS, TITLES, HONOURS, DEGREES, r;
abbreviations associations, institutions, titles, honours, degrees, r -
R.Rex or Regina (Latin), King or Queen.
R.A.Referees' Association; Road Association; Royal Academician; Royal Academy (A., P.).
R.A.C.Royal Agricultural College (M.); Royal Automobile Club.
R.A.C.S.Royal Arsenal Cooperative Society.
R.A.D.Royal Academy of Dancing (A.).
R.A.D.A.Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.
R.Ae.S.Royal Aeronautical Society (A., F., M.).
R.A.G.C.Royal and Ancient Gulf Club.
R.A.I.Royal Anthropological Institute (F.).
R.A.M.Royal Academy of Music (A., F., L.).
R.A.O.B.Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes.
R.A.S.Royal Agricultural Society; Royal Asiatic Society (F., M.); Royal Astronomical Society (F.).
R.B.A.Royal Society of British Artists (A.).
R.B.S.Royal Botanic Society (F.); Royal Society of British Sculptors (A., F.).
R.C.A.Railway Clerks' Association; Reformed Church of America; Royal Cambrian Academy (A.); Royal Canadian Academy (A.); Royal College of Art (A.).
R.C.B.Rubber Control Board.
R.C.I.Royal Colonial Institute (A., F.)
R.C.J.Royal Courts of Justice.
R.C.M.Royal College of Music (A., F., L.).
R.C.N.Royal College of Nursing.
R.C.O.Royal College of Organists (A., F., M.).
R.C.O.G.Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (F., M.).
R.C.P.(E. or I.)Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh or Ireland) (F., L., M.).
R.C.S.Royal College of Science (A.).
R.C.S.(E. or I.) Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh or Ireland) (F., L., M.).
R.C.V.S.Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (F., L., M,).
R.D.C.Rural District Council.
R.D.I.Royal Designer for Industry.
R.D.S.Royal Drawing Society; Royal Dublin Society.
R.E.Right Excellent; Royal Exchange; Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers (A.).
R.Econ.S.Royal Economic Society (F.).
Reg. Prof.Regius Professor.
R.E.S.Royal Empire Society (F., M.); Royal Entomological Society (F.).
R.F.C.Rugby Football Club.
R.F.P.S.Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons (F., L.).
R.F.U.Rugby Football Union.
R.G.S.Royal Geographical Society (F., M.).
R.H.Royal Household (M.).
R.H.A.Royal Hibernian Academy (A.).
R.Hist.S.Royal Historical Society (P.).
R.H.O.Regional Hospital Officer.
R.Hort.S.Royal Horticultural Society (F.).
R.H.S.Royal Humane Society.
R.I.Rex Imperator or Regina Imperatrix (Latin), King-Emperor or Queen-Empress; Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours; Royal Institution (F., M.).
R.I.A.Royal Irish Academy (M.).
R.I.B.A.Royal Institute of British Architects (A., F., L.).
R.I.C.Royal Institute of Chemistry (A., F.).
R.I.I.A.Royal Institute of International Affairs.
R.I.P.H.H.Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene (F.).
R.L.Rugby League.
R.M.A.Royal Military Academy.
R.M.C.Royal Military College.
R.Met.S.Royal Meteorological Society (F.).
R.M.I.(B. or G.)Royal Masonic Institution (for boys or girls).
R.M.O.Royal Marine Office.
R.M.P.A.Royal Medico-Psychological Association.
R.M.S.Royal Microscopical Society (F.); Royal Society of Miniature Painters (A.).
R.N.C.Royal Naval College.
R.N.L.I.Royal.National Lifeboat Institution.
R.N.S.Royal Numismatic Society (F.).
R.N.S.A.Royal Naval School of Architects (F.).
R.O.Royal Observatory.
R.O.I.Royal Institute of Oil Painters.
R.P.Regius Professor; Royal Society of Portrait Painters.
R.P.A.Rationalist Press Association.
R.P.E.Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers.
R.P.S.Royal Photographic Society (A., F.).
R.P.S.L.Royal Philatelic Society, London (F.).
R.R.C.Lady of the Royal Red Cross.
R.S.Royal Society (F., P.).
R.S.A.Royal Scottish Academy; Royal Society of Antiquaries; Royal Society of Arts (A., F., M.).
R.S.A.F.Royal Small Arms Factories.
R.San.I.Royal Sanitary Institute (A., F., M.).
R.S.C.Royal Society of Canada (F.).
R.S.D.Royal Society of Dublin.
R.S.E.Royal Society of Edinburgh (F.).
R.S.G.S.Royal Scottish Geographical Society (F.).
R.S.L.Royal Society, London; Royal Society of Literature (A., F., M.).
R.S.M.Royal School of Medicine (F.); Royal School of Mines (A.).
R.S.P.B.Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
R.S.P.C.A.Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
R.S.P.P.Royal Society of Portrait Painters.
R.S.S.Regalis Societatis Sodalis (Latin). Fellow of the Royal Society.
R.S.S.A.Royal Scottish Society of Arts (F.).
R.S.T.Royal Society of Teachers (F., M.).
R.S.T.M.H.Royal School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (F.).
R.S.W.S.Royal Scottish Water-Colour Society (A.).
R.T.C.Royal Technical College, Glasgow (A.).
R.T.S.Religious Tract Society; Royal Toxophilite Society.
R.T.Y.C.Royal Thames Yacht Club.
R.U.Rugby Union.
R.U.I.Royal University of Ireland (F.).
R.U.S.I.Royal United Service Institution (M.).
R.U.S.Mus.Royal United Service Museum.
R.V.C.Royal Victorian Chain.
R.V.C.I.Royal Veterinary College of Ireland. R.V.I.A. Royal Victorian Institute of Architects (A., E.).
R.W.Right Worshipful; Right Worthy.
R.W.A.Royal West of England Academy (A.).
R.W.S.Royal Society of Painters in Water-Colours (A.).
R.Y.S.Royal Yacht Squadron.

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