abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, a

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abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, a - Abbreviations WAR, THE SERVICES, CIVIL DEFENCE, a;
abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, a -
A.Acting; administration; assistant; Auxiliary Air Force; Naval Aviation.
A.A.Anti-aircraft; Army Act.
A.A.C.Army Air Corps.
A.A.C.U.Anti-Aircraft Cooperation Unit.
A.A.D.C.Anti-Aircraft Defence Commander.
A.A.F.Auxiliary Air Force.
A.A.G.Assistant Adjutant-General.
A.A.L.M.G.Anti-aircraft light machine-gun.
A. & A.E.E.Aircraft and Armament Experimental Establishment.
A.A.Q.M.G.Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster-General.
A.A.S.Auxiliary Ambulance Service.
A.A.S.C.Army Air Support Control.
A.B.Able-bodied (seaman); Army Book.
A.B.C.Air Booking Centre.
A.B.C.A.Army Bureau of Current Affairs.
A.B.C.D.America, Britain, China, Dutch East Indies.
A.B.D.A.American-British-Dutch- Australian area.
A.B.P.O.Army Base Post Office.
A.B.T.S.Army Blood Transfusion Service.
A.C.Aircraft carrier; aircraftman; armoured car; army cooperation.
A.C.1.Aircraft map, 1st Class.
A.C.2.Aircraftman, 2nd Class.
A.C.C.Army Catering Corps.
A.Cdre.Air Commodore.
A.Cdt.Air Command ant (W.A.A.F.).
A.C.F.Army Cadet Force.
A.C.I.Air Council Instruction; Army Council Instruction.
A.C.M.Air Chief Marshal.
A.C.S.E.A.Air Command, South-East Asia.
A.C.V.Armoured command vehicle.
A.C.W.1.Aircraftwoman, 1st Class.
A.C.W.2.Aircraftwoman, 2nd Class.
A.D.Air dispatch; armoured division; assistant director. A.D.C. Aide - de - camp; Army Dental Corps.
A.D.D.L.Airfield Dummy-Deck Landing.
A.D.G.B.Air Defence of Great Britain.
Adm.Administration; Admiral(ty).
A.D.M.S.Assistant Director of Medical Services.
A.D.O.S.Assistant Director of Ordnance Services.
A.D.R.U.Air Despatch and Reception Unit.
A.D.S.Advanced dressing station.
A.E.A.Air Efficiency Award.
A.E.G.Army Educational Corps.
A.E.F.Allied Expeditionary Force.
A.E.M.Air Efficiency Medal.
A.E.O.Air Engineer Officer.
A.F.Admiral of the Fleet; Allied Forces; Army Form.
A.F.C.Air Force Cross.
A.F.M.Air Force Medal.
A.F.P.U.Army Film and Photographic Unit.
A.F.S.Air Formation Signals; American Field Service; Army Fire Service; Auxiliary Fire Service.
A.F.V.Armoured fighting vehicle.
A.G.Adjutant-General; air gunner; anti-gas.
A.G.R.A.Army Group, Royal Artillery.
A.H.Q.Air Headquarters.
A.I.Aircraft interception (radar).
A.I.D.Aeronautical Inspection Directorate.
A.I.F.Australian Imperial Forces.
A.I.L.O.Air Intelligence Liaison Officer.
A.K.S.Army Kinematography Service.
A.L.F.Allied Land Forces.
A.L.F.S.E.A.Allied Land Forces, South-East Asia.
A.L.G.Advanced landing ground.
A.L.O.Air Liaison Officer.
A.L.S.Air Letter Service.
A.M.Air Marshal; Air Member; Air Ministry.
A.M.G.Aircraft Message Control; Armed Merchant Cruiser.
A.M.E.S.Air Ministry Experimental Station.
A.M.F.Australian Military Forces.
A.M.G.(O.T.).Allied Military Government (of Occupied Territories).
A.M.O.Air Ministry Order.
A.M.P.Air Member for Personnel.
A.M.T.Air Member for Training.
A.N.S.Auxiliary Nursing Service.
Anzac.Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
A.O.Army Order.
A.O.A.Air Officer Administration.
A.O.C.(-in-C.).Air Officer Commanding (-in-Chief).
A.O.P.Air Observation Post.
A.O.S.Angle of sight.
A.P.Aiming point; air publication; ammunition point; armour-piercing.
A.P.I.S.Army Photographic Interpretation Section.
A.P.M.Assistant Provost Marshal.
App/Air.Aircraft Apprentice.
A.P.O.Army Post Office.
A.P.S.Army Postal Services.
A.P.T.C.Army Physical Training Corps.
A.Q.M.G.Assistant Quartermaster-General.
A/R.Aircraft Recognition.
A.R.H.Ammunition railhead.
A.R.O.Army Routine Order.
A.R.P.Air Raid Precautions; ammunition refilling point.
A.R.R.C.Associate of the Royal Red Cross.
A.R.W.Air raid warden or warning.
ASDIC.Admiralty Submarine Detection Investigation Committee.
A.S.G.Air Support Group.
A.S.H.Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.
A.SJ.Air speed indicator.
A.S.L.Anti-submarine loops.
A.S.O.Air Staff Officer; Assistant Section Officer.
A.S.P.Air Stores Park.
A.S.R.Air-Sea Rescue.
A.S.S.U.Air Support Signals Unit.
A.S.V.Air to surface vessel (radar).
A.T.Animal Transport.
A.T.A.Air Transport Auxiliary.
A.T.C.Air Training Corps; Air Transport Command (U.S.).
A.T.D.Actual time of departure.
Atfero.Atlantic Ferry Organization.
A.T.M.Army Training Memorandum.
A.T.S.Auxiliary Territorial Service.
A.V.M.Air Vine-Marshal.
A.V.R.E.Armoured vehicle Royal Engineers.
A.W.O.L.Absent without official leave.
A.W.S.Army Welfare Services.

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