abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, m

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abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, m - Abbreviations WAR, THE SERVICES, CIVIL DEFENCE, m;
abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, m -
M.Master (pilot, etc.); mate; medical; mine-sweeper.
M.A.Military Assistant.
M.A.A.Master at Arms.
M.A.A.F.Mediterranean Allied Air Forces.
M.A.C.Merchant aircraft carrier; motor ambulance convoy.
M.A.E.E.Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment.
M. & D.Medicine and duty.
M. & T.Movements and Transportation.
M. & V.Meat and vegetables.
M.A.P.Medical Aid Post; Ministry of Aircraft Production.
M.A.R.U.Mobile Aircraft Reporting Unit.
M.A.T.S.Mediterranean Air Transport Service.
M.B.O.Medical Battle Organization.
Me.Marine Craft Officer (R.A.F.).
M.C.Military Cross; Movement Control.
M c.Motor cycle.
M.C.O.Movement Control Officer.
M.C.S.Military College of Science.
M.D.Medical Department (R.N.); Mines Department (R.N.).
M.D.S.Main Dressing Station.
M.D.U.Mobile Dental Unit.
M.E.Muzzle energy.
Med.Medical; medium.
MEDME.Mediterranean and Middle East.
M.E.F.Middle East Forces.
M.E.L.F.Middle East Land Forces.
M.E.S.Military Engineer Services.
M.E.W.Ministry of Economic Warfare.
M.F.H.Mobile Field Hospital.
M.F.O.Military Forwarding Officer.
M.G.Machine-gun; Major-General.
M.G.A.Major-General, Administration.
M.G.B.Motor gunboat.
M.G.G.S.Major-General, General staff.
M.G.O.Master-General of Ordnance.
M.I.Medical inspection; military intelligence.
M.i.h.Miles in the hour.
MilMilitary; Militia.
M.L.Minelayer; motor launch.
M.L.O.Military Landing Officer.
M.L.U.Mobile Landing Unit.
M.M.Military Medal; motor mechanic.
M.M.L.Manual of Military Law.
M.N.Merchant Navy.
M.O.Medical Officer; Meteorological Officer.
Mob.B.U.Mobile Bath Unit.
M. of F.Ministry of Food.
M.O.I.Ministry of Information.
Mon.Monitor (R.N.).
M.O.P.Ministry of Production.
M.O.R.U.Mobile Operations Room Unit.
M.O.S.Ministry of Supply.
M.P.Military Police.
M.P.I.Mean point of impact.
M.P.S.C.Military Provost Staff Corps.
M.R.Map reference.
M.R.A.F.Marshal of the Royal Air Force.
M.R.S.Medical Receiving Station.
M.S.Medical Services; Military Secretary; minesweeper.
M.S.A.Military Service Act.
M.S.F.U.Merchant Ships Fighter Unit.
M.S.M.Meritorious Service Medal.
M.T.Mechanical transport; military training.
M.T. and S.Mechanical transport and supply.
M.T.B.Motor torpedo boat.
M.T.M.Mechanical transport mechanic.
M.T.O.Mechanical Transport Officer.
M.U.Maintenance Unit; mobile unit.
M.V.Motor vehicle; motor vessel; muzzle velocity.
M.W.T.Ministry of War Transport.
M.Y.Motor yacht.

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