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abduction - Abduction (Lat. ab, from : ducere, to lead);
abduction - Crime relating to offences against women and children. It is chiefly associated with motives of robbery or unlawful knowledge. There can be no abduction of a male person over the age of 14. Whosoever unlawfully, either by force or fraud, takes away, entices or detains any child under the age of 14 with intent to deprive any person who has the lawful custody of such child of the possession of the child, or with the intent to steal any article upon or about the child, is guilty of felony, and may be kept in penal servitude for any period not exceeding seven years.

Where a woman of any age has an interest in any real or personal estate, it is felony to take away or detain her with intent to marry her or know her. and punishable by 14 years' penal servitude. Any person who takes a girl under the age of 18 out of the custody of her parents or other person having the lawful care of her, and with the intention that she should be known, is guilty of a misdemeanour. When the girl is under 16 criminal intent is not necessary, and an offence is committed by anyone who takes her away out of the possession of. and against the will of, her parents or guardians. Any person who detains any woman or girl against her will in any premises with intent that she may be known is guilty of a misdemeanour. These three offences are all punishable by two years' hard labour.

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