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abel test - Abel Test;
abel test - Mode of testing petroleum so as to ascertain the temperature at which it gives off inflammable vapour. The test is named after Sir Frederick Abel and is described in schedule 1 of the Petroleum Act, 1879.

The object of the test is to find out whether a sample of petroleum is safe under ordinary conditions of storage and use. Experiment showed that oil which gives of inflammable vapour only when the temperature reaches 73° F. represents the minimum of safety. This temperature is known as the flash-point, but it does not follow that oil answering the test is safe under all conditions. The test apparatus is described in the Petroleum Act, 1879. A sample of the oil is gradually heated, until, on the application of a light, a blue flame or flash is seen above the surface of the liquid. The flash is due to the explosion of the mixture of oil vapour and air. There is also an Abel test for nitro-explosives.

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