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abercromby, sir ralph - Abercromby, SIR RALPH (1734-1801);
abercromby, sir ralph - British general. Son of a Scottish landowner, he abandoned law for the army in 1756. He gained experience in the Seven Years' War and in 1793 went under the duke of York to Flanders. After distinguished service in the West Indies, he was appointed in 1797 to command the troops in Ireland. In 1799 he served under the duke of York in Holland, and in 1801 was given command of the Mediterranean expedition, landing his troops under heavy fire at Abukir Bay (q.v.). Wounded in the battle that followed, he died seven days later, March 28, 1801. Abercromby probably did more than any other soldier of his time to restore the discipline of the British army. After his death his wife was made a baroness; the barony became extinct in Oct., 1934. See Sir Ralph Abercromby, Lord Dunfermline, 1861; History of the British Army, Sir John Forteseue, 1899-1915.

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