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abergavenny, marquess of - Abergavenny, MARQUESS OF;
abergavenny, marquess of - British title borne by the Neville (or Nevill) family. In 1392, Edward Neville, son of the earl of Westmorland, having inherited the estate of Abergavenny, became a baron, and the title was retained by his descendants. In 1784, Baron Bergavemiy or Abergavenny was made an earl, and in 1876 the fifth earl was made a marquess. The 4th marquess, G iv Temple Mont-acute Larnach-Nevill, born July 15, 1883, succeeded his uncle in 193S. The principal seat of the family is Eridge Castle, Sussex, and the heir to the title is known as the earl of Lewes. Pron. Abergenny.

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