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aberystwyth - Aberystwyth;
aberystwyth - Municipal borough, market town, seaport and watering place of Cardiganshire, Wales. It stands at the junction of the rivers Ystwyth and Rheidol, on Cardigan Bay, 249 m. W.N.W. from London, on the G.W.R., though only Aberystwyth arms just over 210m. by road. It has a pier originally built in 1864, and a promenade extending from Constitution Hill in the N., round Castle Point, to the harbour.

Among a number of public buildings are University College, attached to the University of Wales, and the National Library of Wales, founded in 1907. The college, which embraces many styles of architecture, has a frontage of over 400 ft., and was opened in 1872. The 12th century castle is said to have been built by Gilbert Strongbow, and was used by Charles I as a mint. It was dismantled in 1647, and only a few ruins remain. There are no industries, and the town depends principally on the revenue obtained from holiday visitors, who are attracted by its fine beach, boating and fishing facilities, and beautiful surroundings. Governed under a charter granted by Henry IV, it was one of the Cardigan parliamentary boroughs till 1885. Market day, Mon. Pop. 9,474.

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