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abingdon, earl of - Abingdon, EARL OF;
abingdon, earl of - English title borne since 1682 by the family of Bertie. It was first held by Francis Norris, Lord Norris, or Norreys, a son of Sir Henry Norris, the diplomatist. He was made an earl in 1620, but died without sons in the same year, when his titles became extinct. His only daughter married Montague Bertie, 2nd earl of Lindsey, and their son James was made earl of Abingdon in 1682. An elder half-brother succeeded to the earldom of Lindsey. From James the later earls are descended. The 8th earl (b. 1887), who succeeded his grandfather in 1928, became also 13th earl of Lindsey in 1938. The eldest son is known as Lord Xorreys.

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