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abington, frances - Abington, frances (1731-1815);
abington, frances - English actress. Daughter of a private in the Guards, her maiden name was Frances Barton. She was first a flower-seller, then a street singer and reciter at taverns and later servant to a French milliner in Cockspur Street, London. She made her stage debut at the Haymarket as Miranda in Mrs. Centlivre's comedy, The Busybody, Aug. 21, 1755, and in 1759 married her music master, Mr. Abington. After five years in Dublin, she was invited by David Garrick to Drury Lane, where she remained for 18 years, playing the great ladies of comedy, Shakespearean heroines, romps, and even chambermaids, arid creating the part of Lady Teazle in the original production of The School for Scandal in 1777. In 1782 she went to Covent Garden, and during 1790-7 was absent from the stage, on. which she made her last appearance, as Lady Racket in Three Weeks after Marriage, April 12, 1799. She died March 4, 1815.

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